How to improve the look of your page with rich snippets

Rich snippets help you to improve the look of your website on Google’s search results pages. Pages that use rich snippets usually get more clicks than web pages that are displayed without them. How can you make sure that Google displays your website with additional information?

What are rich snippets?
Rich snippets are search result listings that display additional information among the regular listing. For example, a rich snippet can look like this:

rich snippets

Rich snippets are available for many different web page types: reviews, ratings, recipes, etc.

The impact of rich snippets on your search result listings
Rich snippets do not influence the position of your web pages in Google’s search results. Google does not use that information in the ranking algorithm.

However, rich snippet listings stand out in the search results and they tend to get more clicks than regular listings. In addition, the markup that is used to create the rich snippets can also help Google to better match your pages with the right keywords.

How to create rich snippets for your own website
Rich snippets are created based on the code that is used on the found web pages. For example, Google uses markup to create the rich snippets on the result pages.

Unfortunately, applying semantic markup is a rather complex task. If you want to get rich snippets for your own web pages, you can use the free rich snippet creator on SEOprofiler:

rich snippets creator

The rich snippet creator is a free tool that enables you to create markup quickly and easily. To access the free rich snippet creator, create a free SEOprofiler account and then go to “Web page optimization > Rich snippets“.

Structured markup and rich snippets can help you to get more clicks on Google’s search result pages. Use the free snippet creator in SEOprofiler to add structured markup code to your web pages so that Google displays your web pages with additional information in the search results.

Article by Axandra SEO software