Press Release Writing and Distribution

By Alex Smith

Businesses announce their news about products and services for the people so that they come to know about the offerings. Press releases are one of the finest mediums to distribute and share business-related information. It is easy to write and distribute through online publishing websites. Instantly your users and shareholders can view your press release. In fact, it only takes a few moments to send press releases to the social media outlets from Facebook to Twitter. This is the reason it is the most preferred form of communication. Online marketers distribute press releases to the top press release submission websites so that they can further distribute it to their networks.

No doubt, press releases are an imperative tool for small, medium and large scale businesses. It simply communicates with the users, fans and journalists to provide them the needed information about business. Being invaluable tool to business, PR writers use very specific words and company-related information. They take it as an effective tool to communicate with their users. However, there are certain things that should be remembered before producing a press release draft, such as:

A press release draft should be properly formatted to follow the format protocols. A properly formatted and indented PR automatically attracts a wide number of readers. Proper spacing between words, paragraphs along with margins also influence readers. Links should be provided to the targeted keywords and contact details should be highlighted in a formal manner so that readers can follow it.

A press release should be written in a planned way so that clear and precise information should be explained. Short descriptions and briefs should be avoided. A well organized, company-specific and user-friendly press release invites widest possible audiences. Also it should be proofread for accuracy and to instantly spot errors. As a PR is an authenticated draft from company, it should have statements of CEOs, CIOs, and CSOs, top management professionals or HR executives. It gives real feel to the audiences and helps them to trust the company and its release.

In order to reach a broader level, a PR should be highly effective and specific. It should have highlighted contact details, website addresses, the above the announcement. Remember, a well-timed press release has its own impact. A press release well timed and distributed itself catches attention of the targeted customers. Marketers and media professionals distribute press releases to the social media outlets to gain maximum attention.

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Alex Smith is editor in Easy Press Release. Easy Press Release offers affordable press release distribution services, press release marketing services to increase your website ranking in SERPs. Follow us on Twitter @easypressreleas

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