The Worst Online Survey killers of Internet Marketing

By Alyssa Clarke

Today, you will find online surveys becoming a popular and reasonable option to collect marketing information and data from your targeted audiences.  Whether you are looking forward to extract data to judge the potential prospects of your products/services or simply want to collect details about your existing customers, it is considered to be one of the most economical ways of achieving your marketing objectives. So when you speak about having these online surveys, you will find people committing a couple of common mistakes which are supposed to be avoided to get effective results. When you encounter these mistakes in number of marketing initiatives which comes through online surveys, you are bound to get poor results which you as marketer cannot afford at any level. The fact is that these are very trivial kind of errors which can be easily reduced by adopting the following tips and tricks.

Always invite the recipients: You can see a number of marketers sending a wide range of online surveys via email to countless consumers for their marketing initiative. This never gives you enough and better attention to your online survey. So when you are looking ahead to get a complete and undivided attention from people with proper feedback, then you need to send out personal invitations. To make it more effective try out sending these invitations from people at the top of your management hierarchy like marketing director or company CEO etc. This will certainly give a good impact and get proper response from the recipients. The idea is to personalize your invitations which you sent across different people to give the message that these come from dignified people and not from any automated software.

Create a clear survey goal: Before sending or asking anyone to carry out the online survey, it is imperative to define your goals clearly. Even before sending out your survey to anyone, make sure you review and check it again. Always make sure you have a predefined objective of your survey and it must attain your set goals. If you do not see achieving your goal, better take a relook on the entire thing. Never mind putting some time in fixing the problem so that you achieve the objective of your online survey.

Avoid poor structure or grammar: This is among the most common errors which you will find in various online surveys. They come with bad grammar and incorrect content giving a wrong and unprofessional impression about marketers. In fact most of the time these incorrect sentences found in these surveys confuse people giving reasons to enter wrong information. Above all the unprofessional message sent across through incorrect grammar content can put down the credibility of your brand and make you lose the interest of consumers.

Pick the right days: This is important to consider since you will find a couple of days in a week which gives you poor responses for your online surveys. The days which are considered to be the best in terms of results are Tuesday, Wednesday and lastly Thursday. If you selecting other than these days, better postpone or adjust to these day choices to achieve maximum feedback. Henceforth whenever you have to send your online surveys, make sure you count on these three days to get the best result.

The tips and ideas discussed above in the article can make your online surveys effective by giving a comprehensive and correct feedback about your brands from consumers. These may appear simple and trivial but have to be considered for proper result. Besides, abiding by these tips and tricks, you can certainly give a professional message of your brand thus increasing your credibility in the market.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is a car lover too and her dream machine is Rolls Royce Phantom. She recently went to attend an auto show in India and was really impressed with the Indian autos showcased there.

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