How to Build Your Twitter Followership

By Veronica Clyde

Companies and even individuals who want to have more Twitter followers need to have a plan in place to get those followers. Just as one needs to have a marketing plan in place for their company, one also needs to “market” their Twitter account to find more followers. You have quite a few ways that you will be able to do this. Here are some simple to employ tips on how to build a Twitter followership and to make sure that you have quality followers.

Take Advantage of Online Methods
First, make sure that you let people know about your Twitter account in your email signature. Always utilize this space of your email as a simple marketing tool. Let recipients know how to find you on Twitter, as well as the other social networks and your website. When it comes to your website, you also need to make sure that you have a clear and easy way for people to see that you are on Twitter. Link to your Twitter page from your site, so those who are reading your site have a nice and easy way of following you. Naturally, you will want to do the same with your blog posts.

If you are writing guest blogs or articles, then you will want to include some of your social media information on those posts, as well. You should be able to have a space in your bio area where you can give readers the information they need to find you, or a link. If you sent out an email newsletter, include this information, as well.

Do Not Forget Old School Marketing for Twitter Followers
You meet people offline too, and it’s important for them to have a way that they will be able to follow you. Make sure that you have your Twitter name on your business cards, as well as on any other advertising materials. If you give live presentations, include your Twitter handle at the end so people can follow you. Since many people use smart phones with this capability, they could start to follow you right away.

Keep the Quality High
Of course, you always have to make sure that you are creating quality content. This is true no matter the outlet you are using, even Twitter. Engage with people, provide good content, and you will find that more people will start to follow you on Twitter and your other sites.

About the Author
Veronica Clyde is a tech writer at – a place where you can read reviews about the best VPN providers. If interested check out a Private Internet Access review.

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