Website Redesigning: Do’s and Don’ts!

By Bryan Andrews

Websites are a reflection of your business. Therefore, most business owners today have established their online presence by coming up with beautiful and explicit websites that showcase their products and services.

However, today with the advent of so many advancements in terms of technology, the old websites are all out-dated. In order to stay at par with (let alone supersede) the new websites, one must constantly overhaul their existing websites.

This can either be done by making changes to the existing layout, or undergo a complete makeover. If you are only making touch-ups on your website, then the overall look and feel will remain the same. But, in case you are planning to give your website a makeover, there are a few things to consider.

This is the most obvious question when it comes to a website redesign. Before you decide to change the way your website looks and feels, you must properly think it out, so as to why you really want to undergo this change. Do you simply want a pretty website, or do you want to make some functional changes in it? Is your target audience going to remain the same or is your focus shifted to some other specific target group? Do want to keep the content similar, or you want to do the whole thing over again?

You can only take step 2 once you have established an answer to these questions. Thee answers will guide you through your website redesign and also enable you to put up a website that is ideal and actually better than your previous one.

The trends
Regardless of the amount of tweaking you are willing to do, you must absolutely clearly understand the latest trends of the market. Until and unless you know what is the current scenario of trends in the website zone, there is no point in changing the look, because no matter what you do, your site will remain out-dated.

Spend a lot of time in researching the various websites of your industry. Try to evaluate them as a user and identify things that you like and those that you don’t like. Pick the best traits and leave out the rest. Keep meaningful content with the language and the approach of the current times.

Brand Image
If you have undergone some sort of a change towards your brand or company image, you must positively highlight these changes by the medium of your website. Update the logo, change the colour scheme, and bring about some sort of freshness in the content that speaks about the goings on in the company.

Remember that often, a company is remembered by the website it has and so make it such that it registers an immediate impression in the minds of the people.

If these above mentioned points are taken care of, a website redesign will become definitely a lot easier and will yield a much better result than expected. You can change the entire outlook that a person has towards your company by giving it a fresh appeal.

About the Author
Bryan is a bespoke web designers London at Viteb providing clean, professional and good looking WordPress web design & Joomla website design which deal with the latest web standards. Being as a web designer he has also written many articles on web design tips and guides.

Website Redesigning: Do’s and Don’ts! 1

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