Big brands are looking to bloggers for more than access to their audiences

Inviting bloggers to press previews is essential to creating buzz in the fashion industry, but what about hiring bloggers to help develop them from start to finish? Can a blogger add real value to these events?

The answer is absolutely yes, but it depends on the experience, knowledge, connections, and personality of the blogger. By hiring a well-established blogger with years of expertise on and off-line, a company can gain quick and easy access to a loyal and targeted fan base. That alone may be worth paying for depending on the size of the following, but some bloggers offer much more than that.

For instance, Jenny Altman and Danielle Black who founded fashion site bring more than the attention of their audience to a press preview. They bring with them over 30 years of industry experience and a large network of connections that can help make sure an event is successful. Jenny has been a Stylist and Fashion Editor for Oprah, Lucky, and InStyle, and Danielle has helped launch brands in department stores including Dillards, Saks, and Bloomingdales.
It’s no wonder their pink stamp logo is appearing on invitations all over town for companies from Bergdorf Goodman to Hanky Panky to BedHead Pajamas. They not only host press previews making sure the atmosphere is fun, energetic, and educational, they also help in the planning of the details from developing a guest list that includes the right mix of people to strategizing on social media tactics to keep the buzz going on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

“These days, a press preview needs to break through the four walls of the event to be a real success,” said Altman. “Danielle and I have a lot of experience with social media and we’ve been on both sides of a press preview, so we’ve been able to give companies insight on how to create the buzz they’re looking for. Because of our industry experience, we’re also able to put them in touch with top influencers, including editors and bloggers, and business partners like web developers, graphic designers and public relations teams if they need them.”

Jenny and Danielle typically partner with a company for a three week long engagement leading up to an event for fees starting at $5,000. They’re also available for longer and more in-depth partnerships based on the needs of the company. In any relationship it’s their goal to help put all of the right pieces in place to create buzz worthy events that turn guests into their clients’ best brand ambassadors.

Big brands are looking to bloggers for more than access to their audiences 1

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