Webcasting now Most Popular Broadcasting Device for UK Artists

Artists from a variety of different genres have been using the web in high numbers to broadcast live content to fans and followers all over the globe.

With physical CD sales down 12% year-on-year and a general decline in music sales, live artists are using the latest technology in webcasting services to offer exclusive content not only from live shows, but also from content made especially for internet audiences.

The medium of webcasting [http://www.streamuk.com/what-we-offer/webcasting ] has almost become expected of large events and artists to add an extra dimension to live content as well as introduce an extra revenue stream for musicians and record labels. As an environmentally friendly device, webcasting has also become a preferred method of communication for large organisations that regularly distribute information amongst staff and associates.

One of the UK’s market leaders for webcasting StreamUK [http://www.streamuk.com ], broadcast over 120 premium webcasts in 2011, including artists such as Florence + The Machine, McFly, Adele and Keane. Will Rea, an Account Manager at StreamUK insists there’s a lot more to webcasting than just selling content;

“Webcasting has become a fantastic commercial tool for artists as it creates a totally unique relationship that only online video could provide. The most intimate of shows could be broadcast to millions all over the world but still retain that intimate experience for that one individual”

The future looks bright for webcasting as social media platforms and digital media has become heavily integrated with online video platforms. This cohesion has enabled to online audiences to share content and links for live streaming more quickly and easily, generating outstanding viewing figures for musicians.

Advanced functionality in webcasting platforms [http://www.streamuk.com/what-we-offer/webcasting ] such as multi-camera switching also offers something which television can’t, by giving the audience the choice and freedom to select different camera angles which essentially enables viewers to direct their own live experience.

Last week StreamUK were called upon to webcast British breakthrough act Rumer to online fans all over the globe. The mojo award winning singer was viewed by over 20,000 fans online, as the content was also made available via The Guardian [http://www.guardian.co.uk ] and Amazon [http://www.amazon.com ] websites.

Webcasting now Most Popular Broadcasting Device for UK Artists 1

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