Faster website analysis with new 1&1 app

Small and medium businesses should regularly check the most important key statistics of their website. The success of marketing and advertising efforts can be measured easily by the number of website visitors and their behaviour on a website. As a result, the experts at 1&1 Internet, who continue to provide their customers with tools for successful Internet strategies, now advise website owners to regularly analyse their website. 1&1 customers can now access key web statistics around the clock and from wherever they are. The 1&1 Web Analytics app has been developed for all iOS and Android phones and is available for download free of charge in the iTunes store and Google Play.

Most small and medium businesses now realise the necessity of having their own web presence. However, how many visitors does their website attract? Which pages are favourites among visitors and which ones are hardly clicked? On which days does additional advertising on the side work especially well and create more traffic for the website? Self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs should make it a point to check the online success of their business and their advertising regularly.

For executive coach and organisational consultant, Tatiana Prokayeva-Ross, analysing her website ( has become essential. “Being able to see which content on the site is most interesting to visitors is very useful.  It is also now really important to see how and when search engines are working best for us”, she comments.  Tatiana looks forward to using the new 1&1 Web Analytics mobile app.  ““Most SMEs I know don’t check their web stats frequently enough.  I do, and thanks to 1&1’s new mobile app, I can do this from anywhere, with my smartphone, which is perfect for my type of business because most of my working time is spent with clients or travelling.  Keeping track of potential clients is essential for me, and it’s great that I don’t have to sit in the office or hire other people to do this”, she adds.

1&1’s MyWebsite package offers more than 200 industry-specific designs.  For many companies, such as physiotherapists, hair stylists, bakers, pharmacists, gardeners or caterers, the PC is not in the center of their work.  They rarely have the time to thoroughly analyse their website. The 1&1 Web Analytics mobile app offers an ideal solution to these groups.  Their website’s key statistics can be checked easily via smartphone or tablet PCs, regardless of time or location.

The 1&1 Web Analytics app provides information about the number of website visitors, shows, which pages are visited most often and where the clicks were referred from.  Animated graphics make it possible to look at the figures for the past weeks, months or years.  Just a quick glance at one’s phone is sufficient to see if running an advertisement or posting on Facebook has influenced the behaviour of website visitors.

The new tool is a further step in offering small and medium sized businesses easy to use Internet solutions to support their business goals. Aside from MyWebsite, 1&1 offers support to improve your search engine rankings as well as personalised advice, and with experts on hand to help a business gain new customers through the Internet.

The new 1&1 Web Analytics mobile app is included in 1&1 MyWebsite and shared hosting packages and can be used at no extra charge.

Faster website analysis with new 1&1 app 1

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