New Doodle iPad app makes mobile scheduling easy

Meeting scheduling firm Doodle has today launched a new iPad app of its popular scheduling tool, along with a completely updated new iPhone app. This means Doodle’s users are now able to access virtually all Doodle features on mobile devices.

Doodle is an online service that lets users organise their social life and schedule business meetings much more effectively. To schedule a meeting or night out, a user selects some possible dates and times and asks the meeting attendees to specify what one works best for them.

Doodle has 10M monthly users, 500,000 of which are in the UK. Having analysed scheduling patterns, Doodle has noticed that its users are increasingly scheduling meetings on their mobile devices.

“We’ve seen mobile usage of Doodle triple in each of the last two years,” said Michael Näf, CEO, Doodle. “The completely updated iOS app now gives our users the mobile experience they deserve. It’s the most powerful mobile version that we ever had and is a response to the demands of our users who are using Doodle to schedule meetings on mobile devices in ever-increasing numbers.”

The iOS app was created by Doodle partner Neoos, and is much more advanced than any previous mobile version of Doodle. Features include:

• Tabular and list view
• Landscape and portrait mode for all views
• Calendar integration
• Sortable dashboard (a feature that desktop users will be jealous of)
• All admin functions (poll options, close poll, etc.)
• Optimised accessibility

On the iPad, Doodle doesn’t just look like the iPhone version. Instead, it uses the large screen to provide additional scheduling information.

While the paid app (£1.99) offers a new way to use Doodle, our standard mobile and desktop Web versions continue to provide a great Doodle experience, as well. It’s up to you to decide which options work best for your scheduling needs.
Download or update now (iTunes).

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