Don’t make Facebook users stare at the wall…!

Like It Pages have developed an application which allows businesses to fully customize their Facebook pages.

Like It Pages is an online tool through which you can create and edit different tabs within your Facebook fan page in a similar way to a website. This application allows companies to add their services, products, case studies or offers in minutes and edit all the content as you please.

  • More than 90% of the small businesses who have a Facebook business page make 1 fundamental mistake – they direct their fans straight to their wall.
  • By doing so they fail to convert a big percentage of their visitors into fans and they also fail to tell their fans exactly what they do and therefore lose out on sales and enquiries.
  • By driving visitors to a dedicated landing page, giving them a clear reason or incentive to join their fan page,they can double their fan conversions.

Furthermore, by offering exclusive content to fans only and promoting services or products clearly on the page in addition to the wall, they will significantly increase enquiries or sales.

I know that coded professional page costs can run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds, well at LikeIt they have designed a portal which will allow engagement with customers and show the company in the best possible way at a fraction of that cost. With a starting rate of only £11.99 per month they can have a professional Facebook page which is every bit as good if not better than the competition (and in this current economic climate this is paramount).

{{It takes less than 5 minutes to install a landing page but it will have a massive impact on the Facebook fan conversion rate.}}
LikeIt provides the perfect platform to not only promote products/services online through your Facebook page to new clients and it will also ensure returning “friends” will find your latest products/services and promotions.
Every major company and brand is now directing people to their Facebook page as they now realise that Facebook has provided the perfect way to interact with their customer base. LikeIt can offer the platform to do this easily and professionally.
Like It Pages is available FREE for a 14 DAY TRIAL. This allows businesses to see how easy the program is to use and how great Facebook pages can become.

LikeIt! is a product of Art Division, a team of highly professional and experienced programmers and marketers based in London. Starting life as a web design company 10 years ago they have honed this skill down to a fine art and can boast over 50,000 web pages, designed, developed and published for a long list of satisfied customers. However, as a forward thinking business they recognise that a website needs more than to just look good, and this is where the rest of their services, such as online marketing and SEO, have excelled further especially during the past 3 years.

For further information please contact Brian Huff at Like It Pages on 0845 0177525
or visit our website
or Facebook page

Don't make Facebook users stare at the wall...! 1

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