EPiServer Social Reach innovates social media management for increased ROI

EPiServer, an innovator in multichannel digital marketing and e-Commerce software, today announced the launch of EPiServer Social Reach, a new add-on that allows marketers to communicate efficiently and consistently across social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By enabling marketers to use a single interface to tailor socialised and personalised content across multiple social channels, and removing the boundaries between the site and public social networks, Social Reach maximises the value of multichannel digital marketing leading to increased traffic and conversion rates.

Businesses today must use multiple social channels to engage with audiences but using several different tools to duplicate content can be both inefficient and ineffective. EPiServer’s Social Reach removes these inefficiencies by providing a single platform that allows for the seamless integration of channels, including content found on the company’s websites, and provides a quick and easy personalisation of content to optimise the success of social media campaigns.

“With today’s vast array of social media channels, it can be difficult and time consuming for marketers and editors to create content suitable for each, making it hard to take full advantage of social channels when running an online campaign. Research we completed recently found that 20% of marketers participating in social media said they are not able to measure effectively the benefits of social media use,” said Maria Wasing, VP of Marketing Europe & Sales Operations at EPiServer. “Without sacrificing the quality of tailored messages, Social Reach has been designed to allow marketers to centralise social media management and maximise the efficiency of their social strategies to increase traffic and conversions.”

With the addition of Social Reach to its portfolio, EPiServer continues to meet the multichannel demands of their customers. Said Wasing, “We have a full suite of tools that enable businesses to mobilise, personalise and socialise their online content and create business results, in the most efficient and effective way possible. EPiServer Social Reach improves the ROI of content creation, by ensuring that maximum results and conversions are created for each piece of content piece.”

Social Reach also features campaign tracking functionality to include channel-specific measurements such as retweets, comments and likes, as well as supporting Google Analytics in order to track overall conversions, to quickly see the results and ROI of the social media communication.

For further information on EPiServer Social Reach, please visit: www.episerver.com/socialreach

EPiServer Social Reach innovates social media management for increased ROI 1