New Social Media Analytics Technology Measures ROI for Retailers

Now retailers can put a dollar amount to all types of social sharing.  It’s simple to identify which social networks are driving the most sales.  In addition you can analyze demographics at a product level.  For example, Product A might be more popular among males aged 25-34 on Twitter while Product B is shared more on Facebook by females aged 35-45.

“After setting up AddShoppers and incentivizing people to share, we are already collecting extremely valuable data, driving new social conversations, and acquiring new customers at a nominal Cost Per Acquisition. AddShoppers brings eCommerce social media marketing to a whole new level.” – Jed Young, Internet Marketing Manager at

During their beta, AddShoppers’ new Social Promo Callout technology, increased Facebook Likes, tweets, and more by 30% on average.  If a retailer chooses to offer a coupon for sharing, their customers are alerted by a callout tag that displays the applicable discount next to the sharing button of choice.  After a customer shares, their friends can click through to view the product and share for their own discount.

Until now retailers were unable to analyze the worth of social sharing sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, and Pinterest in aggregate.  AddShoppers is the first open social sharing service built from the ground up for eCommerce.  With just 5 minutes of their time and a few snippets of javascript, retailers can be up and running.

AddShoppers is integrated with some of the top eCommerce platforms out of the box, including:  Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Yahoo! Stores, and Big Commerce.  Only sharing sources that make sense for retail such as Wishpot, Kaboodle, and Stumbleupon are integrated.  AddShoppers’ Influencer technology is powered by Klout so retailers can sort by their most influential sharers.  Sharing demographics are enhanced by Rapleaf and Facebook.

New Social Media Analytics Technology Measures ROI for Retailers 1