Social Media Training Product “Social Media In 7 Minutes” Updates It’s Google+ Training

The social media training product called “Social Media In 7 Minutes”, which is designed to educated users on how to not only utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube for business, but also manage it in just 7 minutes a day, has updated it’s Google+ Training. For more information about Social Media In 7 Minutes, please visit

“Many of our customers have been asking us about Google+ Communities and Google Authorrank,” says best selling author and the voice of Social Media In 7 Minutes Tom Bukacek. “So we felt it would be a good idea to create some videos on these topics that best meet the needs of our members.”

In addition to the new videos, Mr. Bukacek felt it was a good idea to update some of the existing videos as well, such as how to create Google+ Brand Pages and the two videos focused on Engaging on Google+.

The following are the how to Google+ videos that have been updated on Social Media In 7 Minutes:

  •      How to Create a Google+ Hangout
  •     Google+ Engagement 100
  •     Google+ Engagement 200
  •     How to Create a Google+ Vanity URL
  •     How to Set Up Google+ Brand Pages
  •     What is Google+ Communities
  •     How to Create Your Google+ Page
  •     Google Authorrank Part 1
  •     Google Authorrank Part 2

“One of the great aspects about Social Media In 7 Minutes is the video training,” continues Mr. Bukacek, who is also the CEO of Black Box Social Media, a full service online and social media marketing company. “As things change in the social media industry, we are able to update our video training and ensure that we’re always keeping the freshest and most up to date information available to our customers.”

For more information about Social Media In 7 Minutes, please visit

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