Write Guest Blogs Often on Other Sites

By Melissa Tyler

The focus of blogging is usually to drive traffic to your own site, but that can also get you into a mental rut. The more you focus in on how to generate more traffic the more narrow-minded your approach can become if you are not careful.

Sometimes it’s not what you can do on your own site that will help, but how you can partner up with another site in order to share some traffic and hopefully create crossover readers.

One way to do this is to arrange to write guest posts on other high-traffic blogs. There are plenty of benefits to this approach.

Writing Guest Blogs Keeps You Sharp

Before getting into the extra traffic and other benefits, it’s worth noting that writing guest blogs can keep you on your toes. Nobody wants to make a mistake that impacts somebody else negatively, and we all for the most part want to be recognized by our peers as talented, successful individuals.

As such, you’ll probably put a little extra time and effort into a blog that’s going up on somebody else’s high traffic blog than you might on your own. That’s going to have a good impact on your state of mind and may help to re-energize you when it comes to your own writing.

Writing Guest Blogs Brings You Traffic

Usually a guest post will include shared links in each direction, which means that you might garner yourself a few extra readers from the other blog. If your content is good and the two sites are both related in a way and not too overlapped in content, you may convert some of those extra readers into long-term readers of your own.

That’s probably the biggest reason to consider writing guest blogs for others. It’s all about repeat traffic.

Build Your Network

It’s always good to get to know important, talented people and since those are the types you’ll be targeting with this strategy, you’ll be building your network in a very positive way. Keep this in mind and strive to create future opportunities to collaborate as well.


Writing a guest blog and having someone write one on your site can be a great way to bring in new viewers without having to expend too much time or money. It can also re-charge you a bit in terms of energy by forcing you to focus in on your writing.

Thus, it’s worth doing every now and then. If not more often, it’s something you should try to do at least once a month. You can even keep a log of ideas as a draft on your site that you can log into wherever you are. Just make sure to use a VPN service if you are travelling or using public Wi-Fi.

About the Author
Melissa Tyler enjoys writing reviews of the best VPN providers at VPNTen.com. She loves to write posts about VPN security, safety technology and anonymously browsing.

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