7 Tips To Create Engaging Subject Lines

Businesses are predicted to invest more in email marketing in 2013. In this competitive online environment, not paying proper attention to subject lines is a missed opportunity as subject lines are a real make or break factor, when it comes to email open rates. Experienced marketers from dotmailer.co.uk offer seven tips on creating engaging subject lines to boost open rates in 2013.

#1. Make them targeted

A good subject line is relevant so target your emails properly. Use surveys to find out what your customers really want and make an irresistible offer. Remember that targeted subject lines tend to receive less clicks but higher conversion rates so mind your primary goal.

#2. Keep them short and to the point

A rule of thumb is to keep subject lines within 50 characters while including as much relevant information as possible. Incorporate keywords and omit unnecessary articles to keep subject lines short yet informative.

#3. Avoid sounding “spammy”

There are terms that can get flagged by spam filters before emails reach the inbox so keep your subject lines free from “spam” words such as earn £, make £, free, urgent, millions, income, cash, buy, at no cost, low rates, will help, etc. Subjects with all capitals as well as multiple exclamation points and excessive punctuation should also be avoided.

#4. Include questions

Studies show that asking questions in subject lines brings better results so frame your subject lines as questions. Analyse the interests and needs of potential customers and think of relevant questions to ask. The recipients are likely to be curious to find out the answer.

#5. Provide calls to action

To get customers respond to your email immediately, include clever calls to action in your promotional subject lines. Phrases like “today only” or “if you start now” can make the recipients feel the urge to open your email straight away.

#6. Make them personal

Personalisation is a great move if you don’t want your subject lines to sound too generic. Using words “you” and “your” is as easy as it can get. When targeting a specific audience, you can also name the group, be it drivers, top executives, or parents you’re trying to reach.

#7. Test

Test your subject lines and track which ones bring the best results. Soon you’ll find out what tactics work best for your targeted audience.

The bottom line is that knowing your audience is key to crafting engaging subject lines. Get to know your customers better to build a stronger relationship with them in 2013.

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