Step-by-step: how to create a successful SEO campaign

A good search engine optimization campaign can help you to solve many of the problems that websites have:

  • your website will get better rankings on Google
  • your website will get a steady stream of targeted visitors
  • your web pages will get a better conversion rate

All of these things can be achieved with a good search engine optimization campaign. Unfortunately, many people don’t achieve these goals. The reason for that is that most people don’t plan their SEO campaigns well.

successful seo campaigns

Step 1: Analyze

Before you do anything to improve the performance of your website, you must analyze the current situation. Identify the weaknesses and potential opportunities of your business.

  1. Analyze your web pages. Use the Top 10 Optimizer tool in IBP to find out if Google and other search engines can index your web pages correctly.
  2. Analyze your website visitors. Use web analytics tool to find out how many of your website visitors buy something on your site. Clicky is a good tool that tracks visitors, campaigns, goals and conversions.

Step 2: Plan

Doing things for the sake of doing things won’t help your website. If you want to get results as quickly as possible, you must make a plan:

  1. Set a concrete goal that you can measure, for example “I want to get 50,000 website visitors per month” or “5% of my website visitors should buy something on my website.”
  2. Choose the keywords for your website should be found. Choosing the right keywords is important to the success of your search engine optimization campaigns.
  3. Decide which pages of your website should be found on search engines. These pages should be convincing and they should have a good conversion rate.
  4. Decide which actions the visitor should perform on these pages. For example, the visitors could subscribe to your newsletter, they could download something, they could purchase a particular item, etc. Each page should have a concrete goal.

Step 3: Act

Use the tools in IBP to optimize your web pages as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  1. Use the keyword tools in IBP to find the best keywords for your campaign.
  2. Use the Top 10 Optimizer tool in IBP to optimize your pages for these keywords.
  3. Use the link building tools in IBP to get better backlinks to your website.
  4. Use the ranking checker in IBP to track your success.

Detailed information on how to create a successful search engine optimization campaign can be found in the manual.

Article by Axandra SEO software

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