When to Avoid Using Social Media for Marketing

By Diana Smith

Anyone who knows even a little bit about marketing will have realized by now that social media networks are the most modern and ground-breaking  tool for advertising companies and businesses. Facebook, Twitter, and other networks have left such an impact on the world that new careers began to emerge. People are now social media ”experts” and make tons of money working for various companies.

So, why would any company want to avoid these marketing trends and risk losing business? Well, just because these trends are modern and innovative, doesn’t mean they always work, and they won’t stick around forever. Here are some important aspects you need to know about advertising on social networks that may make you change your mind about investing all that money.

Facebook was meant to be a website where you can share thoughts with your friends and maybe even meet someone new. It was all about personality. But, when it became ultra-popular, corporations big and small saw it as an opportunity to exploit its users. Everything you do on Facebook is registered. Anything you like is taken into consideration.You are part of a target group. People soon realized this and the animosity towards advertising became bigger than it was on television. On social media networks, they use undercover marketing and other schemes to fool people into paying attention. That is why a company that knows how to promote on social networks will be personal, honest, and dedicated. If you want to use Facebook only to advertise and trick people into buying your product, you should reconsider. This will create negative feedback and you will lose business. Companies that advertise on Facebook need to give something valuable to the people. They need to communicate, send post interesting information, and reply to comments and criticism. Then, people will start to gain trust and the business will flow.

Estimating Income and Costs
As I mentioned before, advertising on social networks can be expensive. Internet marketing professionals take their job seriously and expect to be paid the same way. If your company is big and your budget won’t get severely cut, feel free to advertise on Facebook. It will probably do you good. However, if a small company wants to beat the competition and get ”socially active”, it might turn out to be disastrous for their incomes. Simply being present on social networks doesn’t guarantee anything, so people should be careful how much money they invest, and they need a good estimate of income. Most importantly, never invest all your money on internet marketing.

Promotional Items
Many marketing experts know that a great way to advertise your product is by promotional merchandise. Why? Because people like to get things for free. And if your company’s logo is on the merchandise (as it always should be), then people will associate that joyous moment of receiving a gift with your company. Everyone is happy and satisfied. However, this will not work if the promotional items are useless. If you hand out brochures with nothing but your company’s logo on it, people will find it annoying and throw it away. Don’t use this method unless you have something valuable to give. Now, on Facebook, giving away promotional items is a bit different. A good way of doing it is by organizing contest giveaways. Create a fun contest for your followers and give away your merchandise to the winners. Alternatively, you can always use Facebook to create an event where you can give away more promotional items and further your success. Remember that keeping your consumers happy is always a good way to advertise.

About the Author
This was a Guest Post by Diana Smith. She is a passionate blogger and a regular contributor to several business and marketing blogs. Diana is interested in topics related to business promotion with promotional items, advertising on a low budget and new marketing ideas. Diana loves to see her readers getting useful information from her articles.

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