53% of People Admit to Playing Mobile Games Whilst at Work

53% of British workers spend part of their day playing games on their mobile phone, costing the economy as much as £355 million.

Respondents to the survey, conducted by mobile casino game FortuneFrenzy.co.uk, admitted spending an average of one hour a week playing games during the work day.

As smart phones continue to play a more integral role in daily lives, 57% of people polled stated that they will habitually check their phones every 10 minutes or less.

In 2005, a YouGov survey identified that 80% of workers considered it unacceptable to send or read an SMS in the workplace, but today’s results show that only 9% now avoid any use of their device at work.

Alarmingly, almost two thirds of the 2,000 respondents (65%) admitted that they had used their phone whilst using the toilet, increasing the likelihood of spreading disease.

As our lives become more and more linked to our mobiles it’s perhaps not such a surprise that it is featuring more and more in our day to day activities. Whether it’s checking email, updating social media, browsing the web or playing games the mobile has become the go to device for millions of us.

Graham Brown, Product Manager at Fortune Frenzy, said:

“The British workforce has always been partial to a good skive. With the wealth of different games and apps available it unfortunately naturally follows that people are whiling away the minutes by playing games on their mobile during working hours.”

The growth of mobile gambling has played a major part in the increase of people’s phone use. Primarily this was focussed on sports betting but as mobile habits change so do the products people use. With the launch of their new mobile casino, Fortune Frenzy are able to offer phone users a full suite of slots, casino and bingo games to take with them wherever they go.

Summary of Key Findings:

• 53% of people admit they spend part of their working day playing games on their mobile phone.
• On average, respondents spent one hour playing games during the work day each week.
• Only 9% of people avoid any use of their mobile phone at work.
• 65% admitted to having used their mobile phone while using the toilet.
• 57% of respondents habitually check their phones every 10 minutes or less.

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