Click Consult believes updated Handwrite facility on Google is good for search marketing industry

Leading UK digital company Click Consult has stated that Google’s latest update to its Handwrite facility should have a positive impact on the search marketing industry.

In early 2013, the search engine giant revealed that it had made a series of changes to its innovative search facility. One was an improvement to its character recognition ability, which now makes it easier to distinguish between inputted characters that are similar in appearance, such as ‘L’, ‘1’ and ‘I.’ Another is that Handwrite now allows users to overlap when ‘writing’ into the search space. This will be of particular significance to smartphone users, who have previously tried to fit their search terms onto a space within a screen much smaller than those on tablets. Also, Google Handwrite now allows users to write more than one Chinese character at a time, something that previously the user would not have been able to do.

Google Handwrite was launched in the summer of 2012 to tablet and smartphone users. It was designed to make it easy when searching on such devices, where typing accurately can sometimes be difficult. It is enabled by editing ones settings when on Google on a tablet or smartphone’s browser.

As a Google AdWords certified company, the Research and Development team at Click Consult closely follow all of Google’s updates to ensure that the company is up to date with all of the latest search innovations.

“This is just another exciting update for the search marketing industry. There is no denying that tablet and smartphone usage is increasing year on year, which is why facilitating web search on these devices is even more crucial,” said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of Click Consult. “This new update to Handwrite will make it easier to search while on the go and help web users to get the results that they want faster than ever before.”

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