New No-Cost App “SecureKeep” to Save and Share What You See and Think Everyday

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who are looking for an incredibly useful — and extremely secure — solution that helps them easily save and share what they see and think everyday, can now download SecureKeep from iDeskCentric Inc.

Available at no-cost, SecureKeep lets users save their ideas, moments, to-do lists, account passwords, and anything else that they want to remember with notes, checklists, tasks, drawings, photos and videos. And when they’re ready to collaborate,they can share select content with friends, classmates, colleagues or anyone else they choose, all while controlling access and edit permissions, and tracking revision history.

Plus, iPhone and iPod touch users can sync across their devices to ensure that their data is always up-to-date (syncing functionality for iPad and other platforms will be supported in the near future).

In addition to its convenience, versatility and functionality, what also makes SecureKeep stand out from the pack of productivity apps is its extremely robust security. All user data is 100% private and secure, and is encrypted in the device via 256-bit AES encryption before being stored in the cloud. Nobody at iDeskCentric Inc. or any other third party can access the data, and users are in complete control of permissions.

Plus, unlike Snapchat that only allows users to send self-destructing messages, SecureKeep lets users send self-destructing notes, checklists and tasks, in addition to photos and videos. They can also recall sent messages.

“With so much concern over data privacy these days, SecureKeep users can be assured that they will always have total control over who can access their content, and how long their messages will exist before disappearing,” commented Henry Zheng of iDeskCentric Inc. “Essentially, SecureKeep is the simple, smart and secure way for anyone to save and share data anytime, anywhere!”

SecureKeep, the incredibly useful and extremely secure way for users to save and share what they see and think everyday, is available now at no-cost from the App Store at:

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