Social Media: The Bigger Picture

Precise has launched a new monitoring platform that integrates social and mainstream news media in a single timeline. Media Platform+ enables PR professionals and marketers to easily monitor what people are saying about their company, product or service or any relevant subject across all social and mainstream media on a single platform.

Through a single login, clients will be able to monitor content from one of the most comprehensive range of sources available, from Twitter to the national and regional press, from Facebook to TV and radio broadcasts. This joined-up perspective provides a straightforward, accurate and efficient way of monitoring and understanding all media content – be it social or mainstream.

Keir Fawcus, Managing Director of Precise said:

“We consulted widely during the development phase of this product and this led us to identifying two key challenges that our PR and marketing clients face with current social media monitoring tools.

The first is the sheer volume of irrelevant content returned by some tools, which made the service virtually unusable. The second related to the difficulty in tracking both social and mainstream media simultaneously and understanding the interaction between the two. Understanding the interplay between social and mainstream coverage is virtually impossible when you have tools that effectively silo social content.”

Media Platform+ is fully equipped with presentation and workflow tools, from analytics charts and dashboards to automated sentiment analysis. As well as providing the necessary quantitative data, Media Platform+ allows users to track a story’s journey from mainstream media, to social, and back to traditional through instantly understandable visuals which can be easily exported and embedded into reports, dashboards and slide decks.

Precise offers a full set up and support service for Media Platform+ which means clients will be able to quickly and effectively get to the coverage and results that are relevant to them.

“We recognise that one of the key challenges faced by users of monitoring tools is getting the set-up right so that only relevant results are identified. This can be a challenging process and too often subscribers are left to navigate this process themselves. With Media Platform+, the Precise client support team will work with users to set up and fine-tune their searches and analytics. Mobile users will also be able to access their mainstream and social content on the Precise Mobile App.”

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