To become a master of the Internet – Internal communication is paramount

By James Timpson

You may think that investing in management strategies is a waste of time and money; however, it could streamline your business and pinpoint issues that would’ve otherwise gone amiss.

It’s no secret that the Internet is the most powerful tool at any business’s disposal, but very few are actually using it wisely. Just because it’s a digital medium, it doesn’t mean software has all the answers. In order to really take control and yield positive online results, you need to improve your in-house communication, delegation and overall project management.

Use a project management approach

Project management is simple; you prioritize tasks in ranking order and ensure each one is completed before moving on to the next. However, most businesses don’t take this approach and spread themselves too thin.

Using this methodology when you’re trying to master the Internet is crucial. Think of it this way; it takes 4-6 months to rank a website highly in the search engines. During this time you probably won’t acquire many visitors, so priority should be to simply build the ‘skeleton’ site in order to get the ball rolling as soon as possible – design and layout can wait until people actually start visiting.

However, businesses will often completely finish the content, design, layout, linking strategy, etc., before they even upload their site. This isn’t an efficient approach. It’s far better to start the process early and build on it step-by-step so you’re constantly moving forward.

Encourage an open dialogue

Most employees will bring tablets and smart phones to work, and according to communications agency Berghind Joseph, more than 77% of them will use their personal devices for work related activities. Creating a closed social media presence within an organization is an excellent way to develop an open dialogue between employees, especially those who are disconnected from the office and work in the field.
The reason why this can benefit your company’s Internet presence is because it allows everybody to express their opinions and articulate their ideas. This makes everyone feel like part of the team and, therefore, boosts productivity in the workplace.

There are literally thousands of weird and wonderful ways to dominate the Internet and sometimes it’s the most unconventional ideas that work the best. Open up marketing strategies to everybody and you never know where it could lead.

Set realistic goals and offer decent incentives

Salary isn’t the only motivator in the workplace. Setting realistic goals will give your employees a target, and they’ll feel a sense of satisfaction if they hit it. Providing an incentive – such as closing a few hours earlier on a Friday or buying everybody lunch – will significantly boost morale and make them strive for success.

With regards to the Internet, start setting realistic goals. For example, set the target of boosting traffic by X amount of visitors within one moth or getting the website to climb one page in the search rankings. You’ll be surprised by what your workforce will come up with to reach targets when they’re challenged.

Just like any other sector of business, in order to master the Internet and develop your brand you need a competent, organized and inspired workforce. Internal communication is paramount; therefore, if you think improvements could be made, call the professionals. It could save your business.

About the author
James, a self-confessed workaholic I work in IT and am a keen writer. I run my own blog and enjoy technology innovation and reading.

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