LinkedIn Users to Sell Worldwide With a DIALaBRAIN Button

Professional users of LinkedIn are now able to market and sell their services to other LinkedIn users by adding a “DaB button” to their profile. DIALaBRAIN is the world’s first online international marketplace for business. Its full functionality can now be accessed with a click by adding a DaB button to your profile. DIALaBRAIN provides on demand, live “face-to-face” access to advice and expertise in areas such as law, marketing, business and finance delivered via individual web conferences.

“In less than a minute professionals can transform a LinkedIn profile into an e-commerce enabled sales funnel,” said Rupert Connelly, founder of DIALaBRAIN. With the DaB button LinkedIn users can transform a profile from what was essentially little more than an online CV into a sales engine with global reach. The button starts a process of scheduling a meeting, taking fees (if due), setting up meeting rooms, and issuing invoices. Now millions of customers will be able to locate service providers on LinkedIn and engage them directly. Meetings are held online in a secure, private, fully functional video suite built into the DIALaBRAIN platform. Parties can literally see if they are being understood, share documents, whiteboards, screens etc. All that is needed to use the system is an Internet connection and a smartphone or computer with a webcam.

As Connelly points out, “Within minutes you can book meetings with experts from all around the world helping your business to stay in touch and react intelligently. You could start the day having engineering discussions with a company in Uxbridge, then link to the UAE to check something out with a petro-chemist, before a working lunch with a business strategist in Spain.”

All billing and service management is carried out by DIALaBRAIN in the nominated currency and time zones (currency exchange and diary tools ensure that parties transacting in different currencies and zones each use those of their choice). It’s a seamless process for both customer and service provider.  On confirmation of a meeting a booking fee is collected and ring-fenced. On completion of a meeting invoices are issued based on the actual duration of the meeting with any balance being returned. Neither party needs waste time nor expense on travel but can get down to the business in hand. “This is especially important for the consultant who by cutting down travel can increase fee generation,” said Connelly.

DIALaBRAIN is a pay-as-you-go service. There is no sign-up fee, monthly subscription nor a minimum usage requirement. The DaB button is available immediately to all service providers (BRAINs) on site. It can also be placed in other social media profiles, websites, blogs, email signatures, and even QR codes.

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