Coosto Launches Social Media Search Engine

Coosto, the social media monitoring and engagement software supplier from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has introduced its new free tool, Coosto Open, in perfect time for the 2014 World Cup. Coosto Open is a publicly available real-time search engine that can be used to search through 30 days’ worth of data from all social media networks, news sites, forums and more than 400,000 sites. The state-of-the-art search engine, high-end data quality and user-friendly interface of Coosto is now available for everyone to use at no cost. Anyone can now measure instantly the social opinion of the UK online community. The tool is available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Real-time insights on social media trends

With Coosto Open, users can measure in real-time what is being said on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Online opinion about a theme, event, brand or person can be viewed. Coosto Open can be used as a second screen while watching TV programmes. It also provides the opportunity to map the social media buzz around a national event like the 2014 World Cup or to track what is being said about brands, people or other events. Users can search through 30 days’ worth of data on any kind of subject, with a maximum of three comparison queries at any one time. Coosto Open gives users the ability to share the search query and corresponding statistics via owned social media accounts. It is also possible to set the tool so that it sends email alerts when there are new online results that match your search query.

Most important features of Coosto Open

  1. Unlimited search queries
  2. Unlimited results
  3. Compare up to 3 queries
  4. Access to historical archive (30 days)
  5. >400.000 websites (incl. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, news sites, blogs and forums)
  6. Activity chart in minute, hour, day and week display
  7. Sentiment analysis
  8. Sources overview
  9. Impressions in minute, hour, day and week display
  10. Messages overview
  11. Comments overview
  12. Media overview
  13. Real-time email alerts


Insights into social media opinion

Coosto Open has been developed to allow anyone to gain insights into the social media opinion of the online audience. Anyone can now use the opinions of the British people for their own benefit. Coosto Open offers the ability to measure in real-time what people say about a brand, product, market or organisation on social media. The public tool can be used to instantly track what people say about a brand or to measure the effect of a commercial, and can also give insights into the total reach of a campaign on social media and which sites are popular among your target groups. Coosto Open is available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium and can be visited at

Part of Coosto

Coosto supplies social media monitoring and engagement software to a number of well-known brands in the Netherlands. Among their clients are Microsoft, TUI, T-Mobile, ANWB and Eneco. Coosto indexes real-time messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and tens of thousands of blogs, news sites and forums using their own specially developed web archive, which is enriched daily with millions of messages from more than 400,000 sources. Coosto Open is a development of Coosto. More information can be found at

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