Which Social Network Knows you Better?

How many shops does a first-timer mother visit before buying what is considered the best stroller for her baby? How long does a group of friends take trying to figure out which is the best restaurant where they can go for dinner? How many virtual round-the-world trips does a bride make before deciding where is the best beach to spend her honeymoon?

Today, the vast majority of consumers rely on social networks to find what they are looking for. Forums, Facebook groups and pictures on Pinterest help us when deciding on a product, service, place … However and apart from some isolated opinion, usually we always run into camouflaged and subjective opinions.

Recently, TheRanking.com, a social network that evolves with the user, has created a Preferential user Map”. The most relevant information about a user is not whether he likes football, watches TV or buys fashionable clothes. What is really interesting is to know who is his favorite player, what is his favorite TV series and if he buys clothes from Abercrombie or GAP. TheRanking.com does not gets this valuable information through bored questionnaires that soon will become obsolete, but by immersing the user in a voting game in which he turns a personalized world into a self-expression platform where he can share his interests within the social network.

In TheRanking.com, user finds a community that interacts through the content generated by other users: useful rankings, funny rankings, political rankings … because everything in life can be listed. The votes change and people evolve which makes possible the creation of a Preferential user Map that changes together with each user’s life and tastes.

And where will advertising be at this point? Advertising is the winning horse in all social networks that have been able to implement a business model. Their economic survival depends on the success of these campaigns. That is why social networks have always wanted to know its users by segmenting them sociologically, geographically and most importantly by knowing their tastes and interests.

The idea is not only to provide profiles for brands to enhance their campaigns, but to improve content exposition in order to foster customer loyalty and let them know about products and services that suit their consumption patterns.

In the struggle for user’s knowledge, the war is declared and TheRanking.com is ready to win.

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