SocialBro Launches Twitter Monitoring

SocialBro, the #1 marketing platform for Twitter, has launched the world’s first online monitoring tool to combine data discovery and analysis with campaign management with the overall aim of supporting businesses looking to extract value from Twitter and increase their ROI in social media marketing.

SocialBro Monitoring provides comprehensive global coverage, real time and historical data, detailed data mining, sophisticated analysis, applied intelligence and powerful campaign management functionality in one end to end resource.

As Twitter emerges as a considerable marketing force, SocialBro sees applications of intelligence gathering and analysis as a potential game-changer in the industry. Javier Burón, CEO and co-founder of SocialBro, said:

“Twitter budgets are rising and hard ROI is expected. SocialBro’s end to end campaign management solution makes this absolutely attainable. In the same way analytics revolutionised planning and deployment of PPC campaigns, data and insights are the future of social media.

“The SocialBro marketing platform combines complete access to real time and historical Twitter data with the ability to analyze and act on that intelligence for exponential improvements in campaign performance.”

With SocialBro Monitoring, marketing teams can slice and dice vast quantities of  real time and historical Twitter content to segment and target audiences with great precision and then zoom in with tailored actions and creative solutions.

Social engagement will increase with campaigns and content created to appeal to specific audiences. Advertising ROI will be boosted with campaigns built around segmentation, targeting and tailored creatives.  And the real time potential of Twitter can be exploited to the full by feeding  intelligence into live campaigns and delivering dynamic and responsive initiatives.

According to research group TCS, the average large consumer company spends $19 million on social media each year and this figure is expected to increase to $24 million by 2015.

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