Getting Things Done

Getting Things DoneGetting Things Done is a classic. It is the most complete guide to managing your time and being productive you can get. The book goes beyond the normal “set priorities and write it in your diary” approach. Instead, it looks at the entire concept of managing your time and how to give your brain the freedom to work on what is important. The book was originally published in 2001 and has been at the top of the time management sales list ever since. This is the brand new, revised edition, is a complete re-write of the first book. It is updated with new chapters and new tools and techniques. Even if you have an older copy of the book hanging around, it is worthwhile getting this latest version as a great deal has changed, and new chapters have been added. However, the most important aspect of this book is that it provides a time management principle that allows you to keep a clear head, knowing that your work will get done, thereby providing you with the mental freedom to focus on what matters at any one moment in time.

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