The Best Way to Use Facebook and Other Social Platforms for Promoting Your Business

If you want to get more leads for your business to grow holistically, then you could consider using an interactive platform on social media to connect with a more comprehensive audience. Quizzes on social media platforms, especially on Facebook, are a novel way of engaging with your audience, gathering constructive feedback and increasing your prospective clients. In this article, you will learn how to efficiently create and use quizzes as an interactive medium on social media to promote your business.

#1: Setting a Goal

To create an effective quiz, you would require setting a specific objective. Enumerate what you want to achieve and what you would like your participants to accomplish. Some of these goals can be:

  • To increase your customer list
  • To introduce your business to people
  • To increase traffic to your blog
  • To notify your potential audience about an upcoming event which you would host

It’s essential for you to specify what exactly you would want to achieve at the end and customize and curate your quiz accordingly. You should narrow down your most essential one or two goals to create an effective quiz, rather than focusing on various goals simultaneously.

#2:  Audience Needs

Next, you need to list what are the requirements of your target audience, and to that, you should add how you can help to assuage those needs via your business. Awareness of customer’s needs helps in creating a quiz that will appeal to them. You can, thereby, pinpoint on a relevant topic on social media that affects your customers more, and thus understand the emotional needs and requirements, and feelings of your target audience. This process will also help in making more people tend to share their preferences and requirements with you, which will give you insights on how to make your business more productive. Your audience will also provide more value to your efforts because they will know that it is designed by keeping their interests in mind, thereby promoting goodwill.

#3: Creating the Quiz

While creating your quiz, you should try to frame questions effectively and efficiently.  You must try collecting new subscribers via email and social media platforms and thus grow your audience and hence your business as well. An active social media quiz should be interactive and engaging in nature, but it should also be primarily about your audience as people tend to love learning about themselves and their inner natures while too craving to have their requirements validates.

Subject-matter and Headline

You should choose topics that would be appealing to a potential quiz-taker’s interests, his emotions, and feelings, for this you should look up the points which you had noted down in Step 2. You can try making the headline of the quiz something that would resonate with your (for instance, “Which Tom Cruise character suits you?”).

Questions and Answers

After deciding on a topic and an innovative headline, you must start with framing some actively engaging, yet lively questions and answers. Here are some points which you should adhere to:

  • Short Questions and Answers. You should use multiple choice questions with answers not exceeding 6 in total per question. The quiz must not take more than 5 minutes to complete and thus. Ideally, 6 to 8 questions should be enough
  • Use Catchy Images. Images would help in drawing attention of your potential participants, while also keeping them mentally engaged
  • Exercise Simplicity. The quiz should be simple enough for your participants to complete and similarly easily, the results should be easy to understand and share. This will help in broadening the audience of your quiz and also increase its tendency to go viral.

While such quizzes will not, in general, provide any particular insights about a participant, but the general aim should remain in trying to provide some casual, interactive entertainment to the target audience and also, thereby, attracting new potential clients. You should keep the questions and answers related in some way to your business, but engagingly by making the audience feel involved in the topic of the quiz.


After the quiz, you must not reveal the results immediately but instead, offer the participants some incentive, like a free eBook, to sign up for your client-email list; however, you should also provide them the option to skip to the results directly if they are not willing to share their email addresses. The quiz-takers must see a reason to share their information with you. You must ensure that the quiz-takers find it easy to share their results on social media platforms like Facebook.

Make it easy to share the quiz results.

#4: Share Your Quiz

Once you have created your Facebook quizzes, you can post it to your website, personal blog, Facebook profile or on other social media platforms. This will help in making the quiz go viral and attracting more participants and thus more potential clients.

#5: Evaluation of Results

You must pay attention and be careful of the results of your quiz, that is, the ratio of people who participated and the how many of them became potential leads. This will help in increasing the effectiveness of your quiz. After evaluating the results, you must make the required adjustments.


Quizzes on social media are an effective and interactive way for engaging participants and generating new business leads. By using the methods mentioned above, you can increase your potential clients and grow your business. It is one of the most accessible and most appealing ways to win over new clients. In fact, quizzes are quite popular on social media, and as many as 8 out of 10 stories that are shared on Facebook are such quizzes. Create your social media quiz as early as you can and start collecting new leads.

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Dorothy Perkins is noted for her insightful blog on social media and Facebook. She has a high opinion of the Facebook quizzes, and her recommendations are beneficial to those who follow her blog.

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