How to Have a Good Day

How to Have a Good Day 1How to Have a Good Day is billed as “the essential toolkit for a productive day at work and beyond”. It suggests this because it has a variety of ideas which you can use in your personal life too. This book is not just about being productive in the office, but with life generally. The reason it can be used to help you beyond the office is that, unlike other books on productivity, this book covers topics that you might not consider associated with the subject. For instance, part of the book is about relationships. If you think about it, the relationships you have can impact upon your productivity. A poor relationship can be a drain on your time or your focus. Another aspect of this book which is not traditional productivity is about influence and persuasion. Again, if you think about this, your time could be wasted if you are not influential. So, this book takes an original approach to productivity, extended the idea beyond the usual organisational tips. The book is easy-to-read with a nice conversational style. That, in turn, means this book helps your productivity as it will not take you too long to read. Furthermore, it has three appendices that bring together a range of tips on meetings, email and routines. They are handy checklists to help you keep on track. The ideas in the book are based on psychological and economics research, so they have a good foundation. The book is also full of examples and interviews with people who have achieved greater productivity. If you want to have a good day, you need this book.

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