Boost Consumer Engagement with Robust Link Building Tactics

By Maria Jones

Link building is mandatory if you are intending to boost your website’s visibility and earn a ranking on the very first page in organic search. Remember that irrespective of the industry you belong, your only key to success is link building as it helps to enhance your visibility and boosts your SERP rankings. You must be wondering what would be the best link building technique. Here are some strong link building techniques for boosting engagement.

Internal Links Are Important

Internal links are links that would be going from page to page within your website. You are often ignoring and not giving the due attention to internal linking. But you must realize that your internal links are actually a wonderful way of helping people explore more within your website. For internal links, you must always identify a perfect keyword phrase on one of your pages and then you could consider linking it to another inner page or maybe the home page packed with a whole lot of information so that the visitor would be staying longer and exploring your websitefurther.You may contact Tayloright for best SEO solutions and professional guidance.

Advantages of Internal Linking

  • It enhances page authority and transmits link juice to other pages equally.
  • Decreases the website’s overall bounce rate.
  • Clever internal linking would enhance indexation and overall crawl-ability of your website.
  • Invigorates older blog posts simply by redirecting some traffic and boosting exposure.
  • Helps in boosting keyword rankings provided your page seems to have some strategic internal links and relevant content.

Link Building from Trusted Sites

The Internet is known to have lots of spam sites and Google has taken it upon itself to eliminate all of those from their roots. Google has resolved to show only the reliable and trusted sites on the search results page. So building links effectively from the trusted websites is regarded as an integral and key step toward establishing your website’s authority and boosting it so that it reaches the top spot on the SERP rankings. When a website boasts of backlinks from a reliable and trusted site, it is enough for search engines to assume that they are the thought leaders or authority on that particular subject.

Creating Infographics Is the Way to Go

Creating infographics could be an effective way of promoting links. It is a smart and a truly creative way of boosting your reach and engagement. Before you start creating an infographic on your own, you must learn the following tips for creating effective and successful infographics.

  • While building your infographic, you must keep in mind that you are doing so for your audience and you need to keep it relevant and simple.
  • Restrict the size. It would be great if you could limit the size of your infographic between 1500 and 2000 pixels so that it could load quickly.
  • Incorporate facts & figures. You must consider giving full credit to all other relevant sources.
  • Generate a story which would be able to maintain interest and curiosity till the end.
  • You must concentrate on the flow as it would be playing a pivotal role in the success of your infographic.
  • You must consider sticking to at the most, two colours and two fonts only.
  • You must create a solid impression on your audience by using charts and graphs.
  • Generate a fantastic headline for the infographic and let the characters be restricted to 70.
  • Remember to incorporate a 200 to 300-word distinctive description that includes some variations of the keywords targeted.

When your infographic is ready, you must go ahead and submit it to the infographic sites for building links.


We have discussed some basic but robust link building ways. Question-based sites could be a good way of driving more traffic to your website, boost authority, and enhance brand awareness. If you have the inclination, expertise, and the time, you could consider commenting on blog posts as that could be a wonderful way of acquiring some backlinks from reliable industry blog sites. You must remember to include your site’s URL while commenting. An effective link building stratagem with a link earning attitude would always bring better results, as far as, traffic and SERP rankings are concerned.

About the author
Maria Jones is an SEO expert who has been in this line for over a decade now. She is passionate about blogging and offers helpful tips, tricks, and valuable resources like Tayloright for best SEO solutions.

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