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Recent blog posts

wetherspoon pub

Will you follow Wetherspoon? Not any more – you can’t

Wetherspoon has shut down all it social media activity with immediate effect. Is this sensible? Is it a publicity stunt? Or is it the start of a trend where businesses re-evaluate social media and find it lacking?

Psychological ownership comes from trying on clothes

Creating a sense of psychological ownership will boost sales

Psychological ownership is a familiar concept of consumer behaviour. If people think they already own something, they are much more likely to buy it. So you can get potential purchasers of anything you sell to feel more willing to buy if they already feel they own the product or service. By creating a sense of ownership, people are more likely to buy from you.

New rules on laptop screen

Online limitations proposed which will see tighter controls starting today

The All Purpose Required Internet Limits (APRIL) are being pushed through in a hurry before Brexit so that online activity can be controlled. Already, plans are advanced and the Federation Of Online Limiters (FOOL) has been established.

Artificial intelligence and consumer behaviour will be used to study online shopping

Artificial intelligence and consumer behaviour work well together

Artificial Intelligence and consumer behaviour go well together. Consumer behaviour is difficult to analyse as it varies a great deal. Often, you need in-depth studies to see what is going on. Artificial intelligence (AI) can cut through that and give you ideas on how to sell more.

Hashtag word in search box

Are hashtags dead? The problems with using a #hashtag

Hashtags are highly popular yet most are, frankly, useless. Some appear to be able to garner huge support, such as #metoo, but others fade into obscurity. Hashtags also polarise and change behaviour. So they might not be as valuable as we think.


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