Notable media appearances

This is a listing of the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV programmes which have interviewed me about various aspects of the Internet.

BBC interview on online advertising

Just got back from BBC Radio Northampton where I was interviewed about the growing trend for online advertisers to know all about you and your buying preferences.

Daily Telegrapg article published

Here I am in the Daily Telegraph:

BBC Radio interview

BBC Tees interviewed me this morning – we discussed the value of Evernote.

To be featured in The People

The People – a major tabloid Sunday newspaper – is to feature me this coming weekend as part of a spread on “keeping up with the Joneses”. It’s about inflation and I was interviewed as an example of a successful Jones….!

Truetube channel to interview me

Off to an Internet Cafe today as the backdrop for my interview on “online friendship” for the TV Channel “Truetube”

On BBC News 24 this weekend

I’m on BBC News 24 throughout this weekend in their programme “Click“. The program is about the “cashless society” and I explain that we will never give up cash.

Morning Advertiser to feature me…!

Pub landlords will wake up to my comments soon…! Just had a lovely interview with their trade magazine, The Morning Advertiser, all about the benefits social networking can bring to the pub trade.

Spent the morning at BBC TV Centre

I spent this morning at the BBC TV Centre being interviewed for the programme “Click!”, which is the technology show that goes out at the weekends on News 24. It will be broadcast on 22nd and 23rd March and it’s all about the cashless society.

BBC Tees and scam emails

Had a lovely chat with Alex from BBC Tees on the whole problem of how do you spot an email scam. Nice lively interview; hope it helped people.

The News – Portsmouth

The News in Portsmouth just interviewed me for an article on how to improve email usage.

Several local radio interviews

Spent most of today in a studio in London doing a round of local radio interviews for broadcast tomorrow on the subject of fear of the Internet amongst the over 50s.

Appeared in Facebook book

Dennis Publishing has just produced “Facebook: The Complete Guide to Social Networking” in which yours truly features prominently on page 11 including a big picture of me…!

Front page of the Reading Chronicle

My interview with the Business Editor of the Reading Chronicle led to a front page story in the main newspaper and then the whole of the front page of the Business Review sections. Wow!

Back on the BBC again

BBC Radio has just interviewed me about the whole concept of “virtual assistants”. Nice little piece about getting your life organised by someone else!

Graham Jones has appeared in these media

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