Notable media appearances

This is a listing of the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV programmes which have interviewed me about various aspects of the Internet.

Daily Mail

Interviewed about children who write blogs

Sunday Times

Interviewed for an article in The Sunday Times about the impact of the Internet on reading ability.

Pick Me Up

Interviewed for “Pick Me Up” magazine about social media and depression.


Interviewed for Cosmopolitan magazine about psychology of online dating

Press Association

Interviewed by the Press Association for a forthcoming feature article on the use of social media during the recent troubles in France

BBC Radio Berkshire

Interviewed about the use of Twitter following the Paris shootings and bombings

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Interviewed for a feature article on the psychology of Instagram for business

BBC Radio

On the Mark Forrest show which runs across 40 local stations in the UK, talking about the fear of missing out on social media activity.

USA Today

Just been interviewed by USA Today for a feature on online shopping.

Grazia Magazine

Just been interviewed by Grazia Magazine for an article on social media.

Marie Claire

Just helped Marie Claire magazine with an article about fitness boasting on social networking sites

The Sun

Interviewed by The Sun for an article on social media and animal cruelty

The Scotsman

Just been interviewed about Twitter “storm” on the colour of a dress

The Sun

Interviewed by The Sun newspaper for a feature article on why we like watching videos online of boring things….!

GNI Magazine

Just helped GNI Magazine for an article about online dating

Daily Telegraph

Interviewed for Daily Telegraph for an article about online dating

PC Pro Magazine

Interviewed for PC Pro Magazine feature article on the psychology of online shopping

BBC Radio Berkshire

Back on BBC Radio Berkshire again today, talking about “social petworking”

Daily Mail

Just been interviewed for a forthcoming feature in the Daily Mail about YouTube and the potential for “oversharing”.

Graham Jones has appeared in these media

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