Notable media appearances

This is a listing of the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV programmes which have interviewed me about various aspects of the Internet.

BBC Radio Oxford

Just recorded an interview with David Prever for tonight’s Drive Time show all about Internet trolling

BBC Radio Five Live

Just appeared on BBC Radio Five Live’s “Our Call” programme, being interviewed by Nicky Campbell about Internet Trolls.

USA Today

Interviewed by USA Today about the “nude photo hack”.

Idea Design Studio

Recently I was interviewed by Idea Design Studio and they have written a lovely article about me and my thoughts on online behaviour and internet psychology. To read the full interview and article go to:

BBC Radio Berkshire

Interviewed by Mike Read about the length of time people spend online these days

BBC Radio Five Live

Interviewed this morning on the breakfast show about the amount of time people spend online these days – more than we spend sleeping.

Metro World News

Interviewed by Metro World News for a forthcoming feature on the online reading habits of teenagers.

Family Business Owner

I am in this month’s Family Business Owner magazine talking about the psychology of writing a daily journal.

Closer Magazine

Interviewed by Closer Magazine for an article on Craigslist

BBC Radio Merseyside

I am due to be on the Drive Time show with Simon Hoban on BBC Radio Merseyside this evening, talking about Facebook

City AM

Interviewed by CityAM newspaper for article on new research by Facebook

BBC Radio 5 Live

Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire about the ethics of a newly published study by Facebook

BBC Berkshire

Just been interviewed on BBC Berkshire by Tony Blackburn about the psychology of complaining about online purchases.

Brand Quarterly

My article on the psychology of online Consumer Psychology appears in the latest issue of Brand Quarterly on p20.

Press Association

Interviewed by the Press Association about the impact of social media on our brains.

Daily Mirror

My latest opinion piece in the Daily Mirror is published today about

The Times

Interviewed by The Times for an article due to appear tomorrow, Saturday 5th April, on how people use online dating apps.

Sunday Times

Interviewed for piece in Sunday Times magazine about the way social media affects our view of ourselves

BBC London

Just appeared on BBC London talking about the positive impact of 25 years of the World Wide Web.

Graham Jones has appeared in these media

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