Notable media appearances

This is a listing of the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV programmes which have interviewed me about various aspects of the Internet.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Just been on BBC Radio Gloucestershire talking about the phenomenon of online cat videos, following the news that “Grumpy Cat” is now making millions.

Daily Mirror

Had my opinion published in the Daily Mirror following stories about children spending too much money on online games

Daily Mirror

Interviewed by the Daily Mirror for an article on Neknomination – social media drinking game

Director Magazine

Just completed an interview for Director Magazine about selling online.

BBC Radio Five Live

Interviewed by Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio Five Live about Internet abuse on Twitter

Vitality Magazine

Interviewed by Vitality magazine about the way in which people shop online for beauty products

Al Jazeera

Helped Al Jazeera TV with a programme on “online trolls”.

Closer magazine

Interview with Closer magazine on Internet trolls

The Sun

You’ll find me in The Sun today talking about the reasons why teenagers are leaving Facebook


Just conducted an interview with ITN about online shopping for broadcast later this week.

City AM

Interview with City AM daily newspaper for City of London on social networking


How much time do we spend online?

Mother & Baby

Just spoke to Mother & Baby Magazine about mums who spend too much time on their iPads instead of dealing with their children.

Emerald Street

Just been interviewed for Emerald Street news about the reasons why people pour out all their troubles online.

BBC Radio Merseyside

I have just been on BBC Radio Merseyside talking about people who are constantly checking emails or Facebook instead of chatting with their children

The Scotsman

Just helped The Scotsman newspaper with an article on the Twitter flotation

BBC Radio Five Live

I was interviewed by Phil Williams on his late-night show about Internet Addiction.


On the Clive Bull programme talking about online gambling addiction

Graham Jones has appeared in these media

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