How to be an Internet marketing genius

Do you want your web site to be the very best it can be? Would you like to do something radically different that is so exciting and innovative that it gets your business noticed? Well, to do that you probably need to be some kind of genius. Well, take heart from this week’s New Scientist magazine. This explores what it takes to be a genius. And guess what the main ingredient is? Hard work. Simple as that. Geniuses tend to be people who keep trying, who don’t give up and who just keep plodding away at what they are doing. How many light bulbs did Eddison throw away before he got the right one? Most Internet marketers I have met are not bringing in the millions they dream of. Most corporate web site owners I meet say their web sites are not working for them. But they’ve all given up. They’ve set up a site and think that’s the hard work over and done with. But to be a true Internet genius, that’s only the beginning of your work. You have to test, adapt, change, re-test and even let go of some of your cherished ideas, until you find the one that is your real stroke of genius.

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