Day Job Killer has gone “live”. It’s a 69 page ebook that explains how to make money online using Google Adwords, amongst other techniques. It is solid stuff and worth buying as it is packed with good tips and hints on making money online. However, type “day job killer” into Google and you’ll find you get over 30,000 results; just a few days ago it was a handful. Within hours of the launch of this ebook, dozens of affiliates had created thousands of pages, articles and blog entries about Day Job Killer. As a piece of Internet marketing it’s a good case history. But how did it become so successful, so quickly. That, it seems, has little to do with the Internet. Instead, it was some offline marketing with meetings with joint venturers that really led to the success of this product. As such, Day Job Killer shows us the true power for Internet marketers lies offline – in the relationships you have with people who can sell your products for you. So, never neglect building relationships and developing an offline network; that can really help you with your Internet marketing as Day Job Killer proves.

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