How to make people buy from your web site every time

Your web site loses sales. Shocking as it may seem, not everyone who visits your web site buys from you. Well, you knew that, of course. But did you know that around one third of people who don’t make a purchase from your web site would do if only you provided an incentive. According to an article in New Media Age, CheetahMail has found that 30% of people who abandon their online purchase at the shopping cart stage would have gone back and bought something if there was an incentive to buy at this final stage. Something like a small discount would be enough. Additional research from Interactive Media in Retail Group has also shown that 41% of shoppers in the UK get as far as the checkout and then give up. So, it seems that a significant proportion of your web site customers are giving up at the final moments. With everyone emphasising the need for good sales copy, perhaps its time to re-dress the balance somewhat and put some effort in to producing a shopping cart that entices people to complete their desired purchase?

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