Internet Marketing is just like fishing for mackerel

I was at a seminar today run by NRG Networks where marketing expert Nigel Temple made the point that mackerel fishing involves using a line that has several hooks on it. If the mackerel doesn’t fancy the bait on one hook, he may have a greater attraction to the bait on a hook further up or down the line. Nigel was making the point that your marketing needs to be multi-faceted – it’s no good relying one one method of attracting clients; you need several ways of getting people interested in your work. It struck me that Internet Marketing is much the same. Far too many people rely solely on a web site. They spend hours ensuring it’s well designed, that is has the latest technology and that it has all the right sections. Some people will be attracted by the brilliant web site. But other “mackerel” you are trying to catch will not bite. They might be attracted to a blog, if you have one. Or they could be interested in the web site you have that merely offers a free report. Others still may be lured by that Pay Per Click advert you have, whilst other potential customers are going to be interested in what you say on a social networking site. In other words, concentrating on getting a great web site is rather like someone fishing for mackerel with a single hook; they wouldn’t get much. In my case I get people coming to this web site who read my blog; others visit alternative web sites I run because they want one of my free reports on information marketing perhaps. Others will be interested in what I have to say on Ecademy. What multiple methods do you use to attract your clients online?

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