A simple bit of psychology is all you need to be a blogger

Bloggers are not special people, though if you look at some blogs you might be amazed at the output of these individuals; when do they sleep? Some bloggers write several very long articles each day; others blog with loads of little posts throughout the day. It seems as though all they do is blog.

Blogging brings your business several benefits, such as search engine visibility and use by the media to help with your publicity. However, when faced with the barrage of blogging from prolific authors it is somewhat off-putting. Indeed, whenever I speak with audiences about blogging, the most frequent question I get asked is about how often do you “need” to blog and if blogging is a daily activity, how on earth do you get so organised to be able to do that?

Having a constant stream of blogging ideas is something I have written about at ProBlogger. But even if you do produce loads of ideas, how do you physically write them? After all there other competing demands on your time.

The answer is in the way your brain functions. The cells of your brain work by connecting to each other. However, they also need to know is this an important connection or not. If you only blog occasionally, your brain cells can’t get to grips with this activity. They’re not told that blogging is important. So, your brain assumes it isn’t – and the result is you only blog occasionally, which is worthless.

Your brain strengthens the connections between brain cells when the relevant activity is important. So how does your brain get the message that something is important? Repetition. The more times you do something, the stronger those connections become between the relevant brain cells. When those connections are strong, the associated activity becomes easier and is more memorable.

So, the way to ensure you blog every day is to strengthen the neural pathways associated with blogging. To do this, set a time in your diary that you can definitely make every day for the next three weeks. Then, every day, without fail, write a blog entry at the specified time each day.

After three weeks, your brain’s blogging pathway will have been strengthened by “habituation”. In other words you have made it a habit and your brain won’t be able to stop doing it. Make blogging a habit and it then becomes so much easier to do. The problem for most people is they give up blogging after a few attempts and they haven’t laid down those strong neural pathways. It would be a bit like having you first driving lesson over and over and over again. You managed to learn to drive a car because you had several lessons in quick succession.

Do the same for blogging; make it a habit by repetition and you’ll be amazed how easy it becomes to blog every day. You just have to be strict with yourself in the first three weeks.

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