Your online business needs insurance against problems

If your online business suffered a problem, would you be able to cope? I don’t mean problems like not getting enough traffic or not getting to the top of the search engines. What I mean is something that would actually prevent you from doing your work.

What if you were unable to type? What if you were unable to connect to the Internet? What if you were unable to use all your necessary software programs? The thing is that most people assume that that they will be able to connect to the Internet that they will be able to type and that they will be able to use all their software programs. But one day, that could all change in a flash.

Last Friday, I tripped over in the street. I thought my shoulder hurt a bit only to discover a little while later that it was actually fractured. I am now unable to type, unable to use a mouse unable to drive and seemingly completely at a loss to run an Internet business.

However, as you can see I am busy blogging, I have been processing my e-mails and I have been able to carry on relatively normally. luckily I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and that means I’m able to dictate to my computer. In the past I have used this program to convert audio files into word processor documents. Now I discover that I am able to control my computer using my voice rather than using my fingers. Consequently, I can carry on running my business. Of course, if I didn’t have Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I would have had a real problem on my business will taken a nosedive, much like I did last Friday night!

But what practical measures have you put in place to ensure your business can carry on operations even if you become incapacitated?

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