How to get the most out of PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest independent payment gateways in the world with over 180 million account holders, 20 million of which are UK account holders. PayPal has always been a popular choice for website owners looking to increase their revenue and after its acquisition by eBay in 2002, PayPal has open its doors to the millions of eBay users placing it far ahead of all the other electronic money and payment transfer gateways. Using PayPal as your website primary payment gateway or as an additional payment gateway can help to increase revenue. Let’s examine how you can get the most out of PayPal. 

4 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of PayPal

1. Place The PayPal Logo On Your Pages – If you are offering PayPal you will need to let visitors know. PayPal has a selection of logos which you can pick, copy and paste to let visitors know PayPal is accepted. The trick is to place the logo on all your pages, rather than just the homepage because some visitors are likely to arrive directly to a category or product page and won’t necessarily see the homepage.

2. Request a Join Marketing Promotion With PayPal – In recent years PayPal has started helping website owners who use it to market their website better. One example is PayPal cash back scheme, a website which is aimed to showcase those using PayPal, their product promotions and offer money back to account holders after they made a successful purchase. Another example, which you might have seen on the London tube is PayPal banner advertising showcasing a selection of premium retailers. Clearly, PayPal has a wide range of join promotion opportunities so my advise is to pick up the phone and talk to your PayPal account manager.

3. Use PayPal As a Fail-Safe – From time to time your primary payment gateway might not accept customer payments for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is scheduled maintenance, but is not uncommon for the payment to sometimes appear sluggish or frozen. When this happens, you should direct customers to use PayPal. By offering PayPal, you will increase your chances of making a successful sale and with over 20 million UK account holders there’s a good chance your customers are also PayPal customers.

4. Explain The Benefits of PayPal – For customers using PayPal the service can give peace of mind especially when the customer is new to your website. Payments made using PayPal are protected up to a certain amount and the customer does need to give-away any sensitive financial information. By highlighting those benefits you will increase your chances of converting more visitors into active customers.

Using PayPal correctly will ensure you are getting the most out of the service.

Guest article by Michelle Strassburg Head of Sales and Marketing at online wooden worktops vendor Wood and Beyond. Michelle has over 10 years experience managing online marketing and she is an active PayPal user.

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