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Is Big Data on the Brink of Ruining Retail?

Retailers are taking advantage of the latest advancements in consumer targeting, but what are the drawbacks? Here are the pros and cons of Big Data in retail.

How do product descriptions sell more products?

If all or any of your product descriptions are currently a straight lift from the manufacturer’s descriptions, or even from a competitor’s website, you will receive far less organic web traffic to your website.

Sainsbury’s deal with Argos would help online prowess

By James Davey and Paul Sandle LONDON (Reuters) – Old-fashioned catalogues, pencils and paper order slips still line many Argos stores. But whether customers shop there, online or using white tablets in some revamped shops, they have access to one of the fastest delivery systems in Britain. Goods not in stock can arrive within hours, […]

Bitcoin currency chart

Why is bitcoin so volatile?

There are a multitude of factors that can affect make Bitcoin volatile at any moment in time

PrestaShop Screen Shot

Seven Reasons for Using PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an excellent e-commerce system worthy of a serious look by small and medium sized companies in particular.

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