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Magento Ecommerce Platform Feature Review

Here we discuss what makes Magento great among other open source ecommerce platforms. There is a comprehensive look in to the capabilities and features of Magento and how other platforms are compared to it.

How to Use QR Codes to Increase Sales

QR codes are an excellent tool for business branding, website traffic, and attracting customer interest. Unfortunately, interest doesn’t automatically equate to an increase in sales.


Make the most of QR Codes

QR codes provide a massive opportunity for businesses – assuming they are used effectively, tested and actually do something.

Can your website visitors trust you? 4 things that you can do

Before people purchase something on your website, they have to trust you. If your website does not look trustworthy, then you won’t get many sales no matter how many visitors your website has. There are four things that you should do to show your website visitors that your company can be trusted: 1. Show that […]

Four Free Or Open Source Shopping Carts Compared And The Powerful New Winner

Author: Greg Nicholl Your choice of an e-Commerce Shopping Cart is very important. The software will either be suited or ill-suited to your type of business and your skills. A Wrong choice can make things more of a burden. This article talks about my journey to find a free Open Source Shopping Cart that I […]

eCommerce for Import Export Companies

This year, according to eMarketer, one billion people worldwide will have Internet access and nearly 250 million households will have broadband. Although, Asia accounts for 56 percent of world population, but only 10 percent has access to the Internet at present. With the rapid economic development of Asian countries this figure will increase dramatically in […]

Starting a Business Online – 8 Things You Need

By Carolyn Anderson If you are thinking of starting a business online, there are important considerations you have to make. Of course not all businesses online become successful thus it is also important that you plan it very well from the start to make it a success. To help you have a good start, here […]

Are You Offering Freebies the Right Way?

By Stephanie Foster One way to get attention to your home business is to offer freebies. Or so they say. Freebies certainly get people’s attention, but are they doing what you want them to? Only if you’re offering them in the right way. Offer the wrong ones and you get lots of freebie seekers but […]

Top 5 Principles of Effective E-Commerce Website Designing

By Manish Chauhan Websites play an important role in E-Commerce business. As it is the only medium of interaction between the sellers and online shoppers, so it has to be carefully designed. E-Commerce websites are designed in order to accomplish the commercial needs. Internet surfers have become very smart and they can easily differentiate between […]

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