Why Choosing Magento is a Smart E-Commerce Decision

By Martie Emory

Over 85,000 top brand name merchants currently use Magento, making it the premium platform of choice for creating a fully functional e-commerce website. As an efficient e-commerce solution, Magento is cost-effective without the need to compromise on quality. As a simple out-of-the-box e-commerce solution, there simply is no other available option.

Open Source Coding Offers Website Flexibility
As a widely used open-source development platform, Magento works well for many online businesses that need a flexible solution to their website. Full of rich features and professional options, Magento provides your online store an extra boost above any other competing e-commerce application. Providing full control, you can use its interface to adapt your online business without experiencing limitations.

Reducing Ongoing Website Development Cost
From the start, you will be able to achieve higher rankings in search engine results, and use specific tools to optimize your advertising features. Because it is open source, you will reduce the cost of ongoing website development, and have the assurance of optimal support with any advancement in software technology. Ultimately, you will provide better quality service to your customers by providing an easier to navigate website.

Easily Generate a Mobile e-Commerce Platform
There is no need to be an Internet professional to utilize all of the features of Magento. With a variety of quality features within Magento, many online website owners can easily maximize all of the benefits available. Using highly advanced features including SEO / inbuilt marketing tools, detailed order reporting, and other various support features, you can generate a mobile e-commerce platform quickly and easily.

Multi-Store Retailing Functionality to Create Micro-Sites
With a variety of unique themes and specific pre-built modules, any online merchant can create the ideal Internet website store in a small fraction of the price when developing a mobile e-commerce store from scratch. In January 2010, Tool King announced they were trading their strictly “in-house web site technology environment for the Magento open source e-commerce platform” to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to develop their own new platform. Magento has the ability to optimize its traditional website and mobile e-commerce site’s SEO features to push your stores ranking higher in online searches. With its multi-store retailing functionality, you will be able to create targeted micro-sites that will help grab a larger portion of your niche market.

Revenue-Boosting Features Drive Targeted Traffic
With Magento, you will be able to drive targeted traffic to your website to maximize your sales. Once your target audience has arrived at your website, you can offer an easy to navigate solution to assist them in finding the items, products or services you provide. You can instantly take the lead from your competition by customizing Magento. Straight out-of-the-box, you can customize your website with a fully functional shopping cart, and easy-to-understand navigational tools. Through careful selection of logos, graphics, colors and the design, you can create the optimal front end of your online store.

Effective PSD Slicing to Optimize Theme Conversion
This e-commerce solution makes PSD to Magento theme conversion a breeze. Providing a solution of cross browser compatibility, you can create an online store that works and looks consistent across all platforms. Magento can properly handle theme conversion by optimizing the PSD slicing process. The success or failure of your online e-commerce store will be highly dependent on the effectiveness of how your PSD files are sliced.

A Variety of Payment Gateways Solutions
Magento provides the support to accept a variety of payment methods and gateways. You can accept payment options including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and Internet banking options. In early 2010, Moneybookers Payment Service announced they were integrating with Magento to offer its users “a ready-made solution which can be used to accept payments immediately from over 200 countries, and which is completely hassle-free.”

Optimizable Critical Navigation Tools
The success of optimizing any e-commerce solution is its ability to provide simple navigation for your customers. If your potential online customers cannot find the products or services you offer using challenging navigation, they most likely will jump ship and check out product availability on your competitor’s website. Magento provides the easiest solution for customer navigation from selection, through the checkout, and finalizing the sale.
Whether you want to tackle creating your own website, or hiring it out, Magento is the perfect e-commerce solution for your business. It will provide you everything you need to beat your competition and improve your profits.

About the Author
Martie Emory blogs frequently for Rightway Solution, a resource to get an affordable Magento developer for eCommerce Solutions. He is focusing on subjects including Web Development, Software Technology, Online Business, and anything related to Internet. Check here for further about custom Magento eommerce development in India by Rightway Solution.

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