Tap into the psychology of your web site visitors

If your web site fails to connect with your visitors, your online business will not succeed. Far more important to your profits are the people who visit your web site, rather than the technology you use or the design of your pages. That’s why your business needs to consider the behaviour

of your web site visitors – Internet Psychology. Without thinking about the people who visit your web site and how they are likely to use it,  you could be designing the site just for your preferences..! Other people may want your site to do different things. Furthermore, people might not want to engage with your business through your web site, but may prefer to do so via social networks. Your online presence will only make money if it works the way your customers want it to work.

Concentrate your efforts on the people who visit your web site. Do you know what makes them tick? Do you understand how they behave online? Do you have a strategy that ensures your Internet business focuses on people, rather than technology? If your online business strategy is focused on web design, technologies, having the “latest”, you will lose your visitors – and you won’t make money.

Almost all web sites FAIL…! Fact.

Few web sites actually succeed because they are little more than online brochures. Here’s a shock – no-one is in the least bit interested in your brochure. How do we know? When someone perceives a web site to be an online brochure they click away in less than one second.

If your web site and your online business is to succeed you need to engage people, grab their minds, tap into the psychology of what interests them.

I’ll help you do just that. There are plenty of articles and reports here to help – plus I run workshops, speak at conferences and provide consultancy to help you ensure your Internet business succeeds because people like it. I’ll help you re-focus your Internet business onto the people who use your web site. That way you’ll make more money.

Remember – the Internet is only used by people. No search engine ever bought anything from you – so stop worrying about them. Together, let’s re-address the balance and  get your web site selling, time after time.

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