Is an online persona the same as personality?

Marketing experts suggest we create “online personas” to represent all the different kind of people who might visit our websites. The argument is, that by creating these cameo portraits of different kinds of visitors we can deliver web experiences specifically suited to each kind of person. That’s a good idea. … Read more

Psychological Pitfalls of Online Communication

The psychological aspects of interaction via the internet make for interesting study. On the one hand, people will say they enjoy connecting with people they do not know online because it allows them to be themselves. They say they feel uninhibited; researches agree that inhibitions are often reduced with cyber-communication and have coined the term disinhibition effect to explain the phenomenon.

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A 10 step plan to Increase the Productivity in your workplace

As a manager or an employee of an internet business we all want to be as efficient as possible but we all know it might be a little hard to do. Sometimes you might actually find your work place is one of the least productive places to get work done. You may spend time researching tips to help you and your team become more efficient, but to take that hard work out your hands we have compiled a list of our top 10 steps to improve your productivity in the office.

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