How to attract followers on Twitter

You could use Twitter to significantly increase your profile, your business and your income. Already, several Twitter users are reporting that it has brought their web site more traffic, their business more attention and their bank balance more cash.

So, how do you go about attracting people to follow you on Twitter so that you can gain these benefits?

Imagine for a moment that you are in a bar.

There is a man in the corner talking to himself. What do you think? Are you likely to go across, introduce yourself and enter into his self-centred conversation? Or are you inclined to ignore him, letting him be happy in his ramblings?

Most people asked this question believe the man should be left alone. Indeed, most people faced with this scenario say the man talking to himself has some kind of problem.

So imagine what other Twitter users would think if you just started Tweeting away, all about yourself? You have become the weirdo in the corner by doing that.

Now imagine another situation in the bar. You are sitting there having a drink with your friend talking about the holiday you are planning. The person at the table next to you overhears your conversation, leans across and says: “Excuse me for interrupting, but I couldn’t help hear you say you were looking for a villa in Spain for your holiday. My friend has a villa in Marbella which he rents out and I wondered if you would like his number.”

Now what’s your reaction? Most people say they would politely take the number from the person – and, importantly, if they instantly liked them, they may invite them into the conversation.

Translate that to the world of Twitter. Start following other people, read their Tweets and then when they say something you can comment on – do so. The result will be connections being made, compared with the millions of Twitterers who, frankly, are chatting to themselves in the corner.

However, you must say something interesting. It is no good Tweeting things like “I agree”. You need to add something to the conversation that has value. So, you might say: “I agree and so does the author of this report…” and then give a useful web link. Of course, sometimes the links you give will be to content on your own site – thus generating additional traffic.

However, the “trick” to attracting people to you, your web site and your business is having useful things to say that add to or extend the comments being made by other people on Twitter. Once you do that, you will attract followers – and if you keep an eye on what they say on Twitter and add to it, you’ll get even more followers.

People will follow you if you are interesting. If you are merely the person in the corner chatting about themselves, no-one will bother following you. No-one is the least bit concerned with your status – such as the fact you have just had breakfast, or just been to the gym. What they want to know is how they can benefit from what you say. Concentrate on enhancing the lives of your readers and you will do every well indeed on Twitter.

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