Did the Internet stress you out today?

Today was, apparently, the most stressful day of the year. Not bad considering we’re only five days in. Allegedly, the combination of a mass return to work, the financial meltdown and the Christmas “overload” meant that we were all doomed from first thing this morning. Well, I did manage to pour a cup of coffee into my keyboard, meaning I had to dash to PC World to get a new one so I could type this blog – that was mildly stressful. But I’ve had worse days.

Yesterday, for instance; my router broke down and so I had to go and buy another one so I could log the Internet. Was I stressed out? A little, but nothing really to report – I quite like my new router with its blue lights.

These are the everyday facts of life – thinks break, we make mistakes, have accidents – but guess what? We get over them.

So when your web site breaks, or when you lose your password for Facebook, or when you delete your entire Ecademy profile – don’t panic. You will get over the problem. Compared with what the children in Gaza must be suffering right now, it’s hardly an issue if something goes wrong with the Internet for you.

So here’s a New Year’s Resolution for everyone – no matter what happens this year to your finances, to your business, to your web site, react positively. You will get over any difficulties. For instance, this is my third recession, but I survived the previous two so history suggests I’ll get through this one.

Yet, wherever I turn lately there are depressed people moaning about the difficulties that face them and how this recession is really bad and how they might not survive. Even people who have turned to the Internet for potential salvation are saying it’s tougher online than ever before. In other words, there is so much negative attitude and thought around is it any wonder we are in a recession?

So, puff up that chest, take a deep breath, smile and be positive. All in all, if you do that the “most stressful day” of 2009 simply won’t arrive.

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