Walk tall for more money online

Your height could determine how much money you make online. That’s the strange conclusion you can make from new research just published in Australia. The study shows that the taller you are, the more money you earn.

Your height determines your income

Your height determines your income

This is not that surprising. Political researchers have shown that more often than not, the tallest candidate wins. Barack Obama is 13cm taller than John McCain, for instance. The height preference also can explain why men appear in more positions of power than women – men are, on average, taller than women. It seems that we prefer taller people in many situations. Now, this new study suggests we like tallness so much, we are prepared to pay for it.

The study found that even if the researchers elminated the impact of gender, race, social class and several other factors on earning power, height still showed a difference. People who are 10cm above average stature earned 3% more.

Evolutionary biologists may well have an explanation for the preference we have for tallness. However, there is little doubt that taller people tend to get the plum jobs and now it seems they also earn more money. So what has this all got to do with your online business?

Well, since people clearly prefer tallness it would do you good to emphasise height. Pictures of yourself, for instance, should show a guide to your height – making sure you are taller than the other people in the photograph. In other words, if you use photography and imagery carefully on your web site you can emphasise your stature and therefore make your selection as potential supplier more likely.

Clearly, you shouldn’t lie about your height – if you start to deceive your readers you will pay for it in negative comment and criticism that will dent your reputation. But remember, people use imagery online to confirm their buying decisions. Pictures of yourself, or your sales people, that help emphasise height could do you some good, suggests this new research.

Mugshots are fine for us to engage with the face of the people we are connecting with online. However, now it seems that we also need some indication of a person’s height too. When dealing with people face-to-face, obviously we get that. But online, we make guesses – and your customers could be guessing wrongly…! So help them to gauge you or your sales team more correctly and use indicators of height in your web site pictures. It won’t do you any harm – and it could help increase your earnings. Even 3% would be nice…!

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